Issues in Low Elo from what I have study over the years

First issue Playing as ADC sometimes bugs me, I have been playing for a really long(9 Years). Here's why: I Played every champion and I know how to use them well, but when you use your teammate underperform and doesn't know how to utilize their champion combos, that's one of the things that bugs me a lot because I know they can win their lane but they don't practice in normal games instead of ranking and risking their teammate's LP. 2nd Issue: I still see the same issue till this day, Jungle mains don't gank lane even when you're playing Warwick, Master Yi, Shyvana, Udyr, Amumu, Evelynn. They all have ganking potential but they're not utilizing it because people are so used to farming in the game due to the devourer item that you need 25 stacks to get extra addition Auto attack. ( Popular Picks low elo) We have blood razor that doesn't require you to farm up 25 camps anymore since you just need to farm up gold to get blood Razor. After you get that item, you should start ganking other Lanes and help them succeed in their lane so you guys have a better chance of winning a game. The 3rd issue: A lot of people know how to trade damage, but Most of the time people Panic and give the enemy free Damage trade into you are about to die. People like to trade damage but not receive the damage back, Just poke them and when you see an opening to take the kill to make sure to cease that kill for you or your jungle that's ganking. Your main should goal is to get the win. Sharing kills is OK, it helps all since it gives your jungle or you a better chance of winning the game and Shortens the game for you and your enemy sparing them more time to play. If I know my jungle can carry and close the game, I will give him the kills and I'll take the assist. all you need to do is Practice more in Normal Draft and Use the Practice Mode to learn your favorite champion and even watch some guides how to do it and practice that combo every day and a certain amount of time. You'll see better results in the end. Please don't practice in rank you're ruining your chance of climbing higher than before.

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