Give Akali her stuff back

Akali is, since riot removed her heal and stealth,like total garbage. Its also not realy fair for those people who bought skins on her to main or just to have fun. And if the only way to balance akali, to make her garbage, is, then riot should realy consider if it wouldnt be better to just rework her again. Cuz what they did to her is just not fair for the player and also perhabs a reason why people stop playing

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They clearly stated when the removed the two strongest parts of her kit that she wouldn't get any compensation buffs until 9.5 so they would have time to figure out exactly what direction they want to go with her. We knew she was going to be weak af for like a month, yet so many are still complaining about it acting like she's going to be left like this forever. I don't want her reverted, as much as I liked the old Akali she was considered linear and unhealthy with little counterplay which is why she had to be reworked. I don't want her reworked again as I think they did a very good job with this rework and I would consider it overall successful disregarding the obscure mechanic, which I can see how they thought it would be a good idea at the time. I know I didn't expect the absurd amount of hate she got after her rework from that one silly mechanic. I really don't see her needing more than a few number buffs. Lowering her Ult CD, lowering the mini CD between R1 and R2, buffing Q by like 10-15 dmg so you can actually kill caster minions after gunblade. These are all some QoL buffs that I'd really like to see happen, along with fixing a few of her bugs that have been well documented since release, pls fix the R2 bug.

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