A postmortem on Gameplay+

Hello, Boards! Today, we’re making the decision to retire G+ from the Boards. We didn’t want to do that without some kind of explanation, so if you’re curious about that, read on! Gameplay is one of the most used sub-boards we have, but there are a *lot* of topics under that umbrella. What we set out to do with Gameplay+ was create a space that offered something different. Those of us (us = volunteer team members) who are regular Gameplay users often feel that Gameplay is lacking in posts that discuss the nuts and bolts of design on the game, and that’s a shame because we believe such a place could have a vibrant community on the Boards. But G+ hasn’t turned out to be that space. We could unpack that for some time, but I think the key issue here can be seen clearly in the numbers; if this sub-board was meeting our goals, we would have relatively few views on those posts, but lots of responses. A cursory glance at the current sub-board shows the opposite; those posts get *tons* of views, but fewer comments than we hoped. As a result, posters knew they would get lots of visibility there, but there wasn’t much active discussion. We believe that what we created failed to create the level and type of interest we were hoping for. Many of you have stated that you would have liked us to approve more posts – the truth is, we would have liked that, too. The number of serious submissions we received was always low, but in recent weeks it has dropped to a level that makes it difficult to justify putting in the work required to review and approve posts. We’re still super interested in delivering on a space with similar goals to the ones we had for G+, but we’re going to take some time to go back to the drawing board on how to do that well. In the meantime, we’ll still have Gameplay for any posts you’d like to make about the game, including detailed design discussions that would have been appropriate for G+. I’ll make a thread in Gameplay this weekend that invites everyone to pitch in for a discussion about that sub-board and future directions. Thanks for participating in G+, and I hope we’ll have some exciting new ideas for you in the future! -KnightsKemplar

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Thats sad. I had two posts up on there about urgot, but its a fair point that it isnt serving its purpose
Gameplay+ board was a great idea on paper, but didn't work out ENTIRELY because of board moderation fault. A TON of potentially good and interesting thread gots rejected not because there were bad argumentations in it or they were written in poor english/with poor grammar, they got rejected because they didn't compply with the way too strict and honestly ridicoulous formal rules. It didn't matter what you actually wrote in the thread, as long as you wrote an essay or a pseudo-one if form of a long formatted wall of text it got admitted even if the original thread was filled with a whole full of nothing or straight bad argumentations...which make no sense when the goal of Gameplay+ should have been to spotlight worthy discussions that get buried on regular Gameplay board in favor of the usual kind of threads When this thread ( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/OdNAMXj6-what-is-the-scenario-for-a-proper-culls-usage-in-the-post-823-league) get rejected by Gameplay+ because of "guideline rules", and then enjoy a good amount of success on regular Gameplay despite the very unpopular topic while this (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-plus/8wsxAeO6-karthus-ultimate-is-too-binary-and-is-in-need-of-more-baseline-functionality) or this (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-plus/6EdsjREe-critical-hit-chance-should-be-removed-entirely-and-replaced-with-an-auto-attack-multiplier) get approved the problem is how this sub-board got mismanaged seems evident to me No disrespect towards the guys that posted what are legit starting point of discussion for regular Gameplay threads - I looked at those randomly because those threads appeared in the recent section just below this postmortem one, but I could have picked many other from recend and new section - but honestly those topic were either less interesting (Karthus one) or retreaded for the 100th time from Gameplay discussion without adding any major argument (crit one) than the thread on Cull, so I have really question where the standard were set and the line was drawn there
Goodnight sweet prince.

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