Yorik: Look at the win/loss, there's a problem. Let's talk about it.

Yorick. I just played ranked. In this game, once Yorick reaches level 3: he used one attack once, then twice: the enemy top laner, leaves top lane, and roams. I am literally describing this move here. In my most recent ranked game, you can watch it, and you can see how this attack is done. It happens at 4:00. I am keeping this game up, so the evidence is here. I will keep this game up. It is my most recent game. Yorick is actually stronger, at level 5 than level 3. . . then he eventually falls off in late game. Not until late game. At the start, my teammate is hovering playing Yorick. I don't say what the move is. I don't know this person; they are random. The Yorick player confirms he's pulling off the move. He's doing it. "I got you bb" Ahri is dressed up like pop star ahri. That's what she is: that's what I expect at this level. Vayne is charging in. . .she can charge in at, she's just charging in. Rengar. Good on you, you. . don't know what fire drake is, when I asked you about it. Yorick has taken their inhib. Yorick Lets talk about what's happening top lane, with Yorik. At first, lets be clear: level 1, things are okay. Alright? Yorick controls the lane, and a big problem is that Yorick "doesn't have" to use his ability. To farm, to anything. He can just hold it. Just imagine holding your ability, forever. You do with the lane, whatever you want. Push it, don't. . . At level 3, you make the decision to push. Or not. To fight, or not. Yorick, makes that decision. The first point I want to make, is that: deciding when you want to fight, is powerful. This is the second point, that I would like to make: Yorick is an AD champ. Yorick used to be AP. Yorick should be an AP champ. When Yorick hits you with his abilities, even if we theorize that his ability is not Over Powered. Even if we theorize that Yorick's abilites are not OP: When Yorick engages you in combat, you face his abilities. Then his auto attack. When Yorick builds damage, that means his abilities damage the enemy more, and then his auto attacks are damaging the enemy more. Simply because we can see that Yorick players so rarely build more than a long sword, before going full defence, the idea that being hit by auto attacks "isn't much damage," is a flawed way to analyze the information. If Yorick players were building AD, then that would indicate the current ideas for Yorick are working out: we have multiple seasons of history now. No one builds AD Yorick, so, reducing his auto attack damage, means that players will have to build more damage onto Yorick, to kill and enemy. Instead of going early tank. AP Yorick, deals no bonus damage when he autos. Correcting Yoricks auto attacks, will solve the issue we see with Yorick. It's really a lot of damage, when he builds just a long sword, or achieves +25 attack. I just completed a ranked game, where a Yorick player announced--in champ select--that they are using this unfair tactic. You can see it. I will leave my account frozen, and you can look at the game itself. I hope you will actually try to fight a Yorick, who is doing this: And it doesn't matter whatelse Yorick "could do," because this is the best thing for Yorick to do. Throw ghouls. Yorick throws some ghouls. And it's over. Literally, Yorick is 3, the enemy laner realizes that Yorick's move is up: the enemy top laner, leaves top lane, and roams. This is in a ranked game. I am literally describing this move. Almost every battle, unless the opponent is me!! The Yorick will win. You can just watch my most recent ranked game, where I played Neeko bot support, with Yorick top on my team. This is the most recent game I've played, and I will leave it up, and it will stay the most recent, while I do my job for a while and get food. So that there is evidence: anyone can look at "the overpowered Yorick technique." Yorick is on my team. You can watch what is happening. You can say what you think, down in the comments, and we as a community can make Yorick AP again! This is a verbose description of the attack Yorick players are using to win competitive mode, a move that even the Yorick players will admit is over powered: You get hit by three ghouls. They slow you. For some reason, your spells can't just dissipate them. One auto attack each: there are three ghouls hitting you currently. For some reason, the ghouls don't have to be near Yorick--or near you--the ghouls can be anywhere, and all three will attack you each time. [Neeko must say: how is this, I am hoping to find nice disguised power like that!] The ghouls slow you. Yorick gains damage, without building more damage. He just levels up, and builds tank. three ghouls, you're slowed: one auto attack each. Yorick doesn't need to build damage. . . he doesn't need to build tank, because no one can reach him. Yorick doesn't need to build damage, so Yorick builds tank. This is the problem. It's not about "Yorick is a juggernaut," and it isn't about how buying a tank item makes Yorick hard to kill. The problem is that Yorick--remember how I said Yorick has early game control--goes to first base, builds a tank item. He doesn't have to build damage, and Yorick has strong early game control: He can stand there and wait until he wants to act. And then his damage source gets to help his actual auto attack. Yorick only needs one attack, today! You can see the rest of my essay now. This is what is happening. I don't need to fully review the most recent ranked game, that I just played. I will leave my recent game up for all to review. So everyone may see, and everyone may comment. Just watch 4 minutes, and you will witness how Over Powered Yorick is! It's my most recent game. I am just going to leave it up, leave my account frozen while I do my job for a while. In this game, once Yorick is able to use this ability, and uses it when the enemy has a large wave: The enemy top laner, leaves top lane, and roams. I am literally describing this move. Yes, of course Shen roams, and fights. The information I am bringing, is that Shen did not get to choose to leave. Wheneven Yorick chooses, he will kill Shen, if he stays. Of course the grandmaster can still win, I've seen him win. He's the grandmaster. In this game it's actually not a choice. Unless, "this, and that" happen, Yorick will continue to steamroll, indefinitely. Shen is an extremely highly trained swordsman. Yorick is a graveskeeper: Yorick, sadly, is not Shovel Knight. There is a difference, and if we could give Yorick's shovel to Shen, he would show us what it is; even though that's a shovel, and not a sword. Yorick should be an AP champion. Lets comment, and improve Yorick, as a community.

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