support items

riot can you please do so if you are playing support you'll have to pick support item instead of you taking klean magic damage it's too f****** annoying and Brogan I'm starting to get annoyed about all those people that don't take a real support champion and just go full metric damage and taking all the kills I love your game and I love playing Ed Kerry and support meant the bottling is completely destroyed because you can't just take a magic damage user and put you in a me out and I will love to here for you if you have time to take over this request of what I have to say about the game because of you don't have to take a real support champion a lot of people don't learn excellent to play support and it's just skipping that learning experience of learning actually playing dead it's really annoying and you meet a lot of people that just blaming and really not fun to play with because he cannot play support and I know for a lot of people support it's not the most fun place to play when it is fair for everybody to play support sometimes

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and i have to apologize if there are spelling mistakes i am 100% dyslexic and i live a program to write for me

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