flawed ranking system

Now idk if im in the wrong boards section for this but it seemed to have an effect on the gameplay from my experience. I am currently a silver player in basically all my positional ranks, and ive found it hard enough to climb as is and i could go into detail on why but thats not why I’m here. I very recently played a game of ranked FLEX with 2 friends who are bronze/silver. We check the op.gg of the other team as anyone would and we see that the enemy jungle is diamond in the jungle. I understand that he may only be diamond in the jungle, but that is 3-4 ranks higher than the majority of my team. And due to the fact that he was playing jungle, I don’t understand why he would have been placed in the match against my friends and i, who again, are an average of silver. I previously stated that it is hard to climb out of this elo as it is, but being placed against someone of a much higher tier is something i should not have to worry about, because i am obviously, only silver. PLEASE fix...

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