Problem with the new Rank system within the community

When Riot Games made this new Rank System, i figure that there will be "Improvements" on how rank is in laning phase, but after having over 50+ games each one being difficult as it was last rank, I feel like there a problem here and I am sure that many players are just straight up abusing the system it was made to be, idk if this shows that players in the world of league of legends have no honor and shown 0 decency to how hard Riot games work they're butts off to make sure that not only this game remain free for the majority of the Fans to play this game, but also having a nice feeling when fighting against players in a lane to lane situation. I wonder how many players here in this community that actually respects Riot games as a whole? For those who don't know what I am talking about, I'll give a small re-cap on the current problem that has been stirring around since the launch of the new Rank system. There is a "work around" where you can duo with a player who is really good at the one role your weak at, and vise versa, in doing so, your lane becomes "less stronger" then you are, making this much easier for you to lane against, not only that, but you also can lose less to your own rank by, get this, ruining a different lane, they will lose major points for it as so you too, but the point in doing this is so you wont lose bearly any in YOUR MAIN ROLE, on top of the fact when someone auto-filled instead of trying, they just throw the game freely and get their role the next game, only losing 3-5 points to their main role. Not only this became a problem, but those players who are good all around have the most problematic of us all. remember what i said about "balance in your main role" right? well what about players who don't have a main role and refuse to have one? does that mean they have to work 5 times as hard to get all their ranks into whatever Elo they want? if so then that is unfair and exhausting for the player who are best all around. therefore become another problematic that is belonging (sadly not the community-based at fault here)to Riot games. The splash from each win is so small that become so irrelevant. Let me explain, say you select the "Fill" role, where you will get a lane that is most needed at the moment you start matchmaking, when all said and done, if you win/lose in that lane you fill into, you gain/lose 10-25 LP for that lane and the others you gain/lose 2-5 LP, that not all, but when one of your role is 100 LP, you need to win to get into promos FOR THAT LANE ONLY, nothing more said, and no you cant ignore that lane for it to auto into the next ELO, no matter what, you can be platinum 1 in mid lane but still be a bronze 3 in other lanes, meaning you have no choice but to not only play those roles to get them up, but have a chance of losing LP to your main role because of your other roles being so low. In conclusion not only am i disappointed in the Community as a whole for not respecting the hard work behind Riot games (regardless of how much money we put into this game) and the very honor codes of the game we agree to, but also Riot Game for not being bright enough to catch these very problem that has been here for over a month now, and for them to keep ignoring the very game they work hard making (looking at you Lead developers) in a safe competitive way. Don't get me wrong, I love this game, as i spend endless hours playing this very game to not only feel the very pleasure of their hard work, but to admire it, I love League of Legends for what it was design for, but slowly and surely, my feelings towards the Community and Riot Games as a whole is depressing and disappointing. So i really wish they can get their acts together before the fire inside league of legends turn into ice.

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