Reworks/Reverts/and champions that are too strong/Champions that are too weak/nerfs/buffs

Zoe mains are abusing the fact that Zoe is strong and no one knows how to play her, and know one wants to play her. Zed legit does too much damage, and has good lane sustain cause he doesn't rely on mana, and with that you can just wait for his energy to regen. BUT even then he doesnt need to regen, he can still 1 shot no matter what. Talon deserves a rework or revert cause he loses to people who can knock him back, or ranged champs, or deny kills, Mana hungry for cs or poke damage, punishing him because his late game damage is different from zed. Zed can 1shot a tank and squishies without having to try, while talon tickles them late game. Azir is either too weak or too strong huh? He is too weak because his mid game damage legit tickles so you can constantly team fight making it 4v5 for the longest or kill him early game in a 1v1, his early game is alright, and his late game is strong. Rengar can 1 shot making him freely snowball every lane possible, because they rush duskblade and become 1 shot gods. Hecarim needs a rework and hasn't changed since. Does decent damage and is a bad tank. The new conqueror right now is absolutely broken, if no one has noticed or tried it out yet. Yasuo is trash, but he needs a cooldown nerf for his early game and possibly late game. Ivern seems to boring and can easily get counterjungled, so i belive he needs a rework. People that think lucian and ezreal are broken, not really, they are trash and need a late game buff and not early game buff. Kled needs a health nerf cause it seems like his health stats make him too tanky throughout the entire game. It would also be nice if blitz got a rework since his kit loses to all the other champs that can pull or hook.

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i know its a long read, but trust me its worth it

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